Did we not learn anything from Tina?

Girl Fight

You might remember the 2005 hit “Girlfight” by Lil Jon and about six one hit wonders. No? Well, it goes: I don’t fight, I don’t argue, I just hit that chick with a bottle. I don’t know many women who can say they’ve glassed another women, but I’m sure most of us have at least…

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Understanding the Ray Rice Domestic Abuse Case Does not Require an Understanding of Football

On Monday, TMZ released footage (although there’s a strong argument to be made against members of the public viewing it) from the Atlantic City, N.J. hotel elevator in which Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice had allegedly assaulted his partner, Janay Palmer, in February. Before the video was accessible, the NFL had suspended Rice for…

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Breaking News: Celebrities’ Nude Pictures Are Not Yours to Enjoy

Over 100 female celebrities’ phones —including Aubrey Plaza, McKayla Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kate Upton— were hacked last week and their private, intimate pictures were published online on 4chan. They were then shared on Imgur and Reddit’s thread, The Fappening (r/Fapenning). I first learned about what happened through Jezebel. Initially, Isha Aran shared the link of the…