Villians We Love to Hate

Without the many complex, dynamic characters that exist within the plot, Game of Thrones would not be the popular show it has become today. Throughout it all, Cersei Lannister has been one of those great characters. From secretly having her husband poisoned to helping a religious extremist rise to power as way to throw her…


Diasporic Love

i see you to be seen is to be heard to be heard is to be loved and i love you i love you from my veins to my memories that carry this trauma these stories this diaspora i feel you our histories entwine with our touch our pain melts together like a candle in…

Photo Credit: Bianca Clendenin

Interview with Olaronke Akinmowo

Artist, yogi, self-proclaimed bibliophile, and avid biker, Olaronke Akinmowo plans to bring black women literature to the forefront this summer in New York City. The born and bred Brooklynite, Akinmowo is promoting a mobile library in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn called The Free Black Woman’s Library. The purpose of the library is to promote black women writers. Ola…


No Means No

  by Esperanza M You’re not entitled to anyone’s body, and no one is entitled to your body. Others’ boundaries are valid and so are yours. Please don’t forget: consent and respect are everything. You deserve to be in control and to feel safe no matter what.